canadian style مرحبا بالزوار الكرام مدونة ستايل كندا مدونة تهتم بكل مايخص الشأن الكندي والتي تهم المقيم والمهاجر واللاجيء على الأراضي الكندية ننقل لكم الخبر الصادق والهادفcanadian style ..نتمنى لكم تصفحا شيقا وأستفادة شاملة
‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات صور من كندا. إظهار كافة الرسائل

صور من داخل متحف الطيران والفضاء الكندي...بعدستي

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The museum was first formed in 1964 at RCAF Station Rockcliffe as the National Aeronautical Collection from the amalgamation of three separate existing collections. These included the National Aviation Museum at Uplands, which concentrated on early aviation and bush flying; the Canadian War Museum collection, which concentrated on military aircraft, and which included many war trophies, some dating back to World War One, and the RCAF Museum which focused on those aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force.
In 1982 the collection was renamed the National Aviation Museum and in 1988 the collection was moved to a new experimental type triangular hangar from the Second World War-era wooden hangars it had been residing in. In 2006 an additional hangar was opened, which allows all of the collection's aircraft to be stored indoors.
The museum closed 2 September 2008 for remodeling and rearrangement of the aircraft on display. This project was completed and the museum reopened 19 November 2008. The changes made include making space for a new exhibition entitled Canadian Wings: A Remarkable Century of Flight that was unveiled on 23 February 2009, the centennial of the first heavier than air aircraft flight in Canada.
In December 2008, the museum announced that approval had been granted for a C$7M expansion to begin in May 2009 and to be completed by the fall of 2010. The improvements carried out included an addition of 2600 m² (28,000 ft²) giving 18% more space and providing room for a new foyer, auditorium, cafeteria, retail space, a landscaped entrance and classrooms.
In April 2010, the parent Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation announced that the museum would be expanded and that its name would be changed to the "Canada Aviation and Space Museum" in May 2010. The Canadian Press expressed concern that the name change would cause confusion with the existing Toronto-based Canadian Air and Space Museum.

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لوحات من متحف الفنون الجميلة اوتاوا ...بعدستي

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The National Gallery of Canada (FrenchMusée des beaux-arts du Canada), located in the capital city of OttawaOntario, is one of Canada's premier art galleries.
The Gallery is now housed in a glass and granite building on Sussex Drive with a notable view of the Canadian Parliament buildings on Parliament Hill. The building was designed by Moshe Safdie and opened in 1988.The Gallery's former director Jean Sutherland Boggs was chosen especially by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to oversee construction of the national gallery and museums.
Marc Mayer was named the museum's director, succeeding Pierre Théberge, on 19 January 2009

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مرحبا بكل زوار الموقع الكرام.. أعزائي وأخوتي موقع ستايل كندا هو موقع غير ربحي يهدف الى تعريف المواطن العربي بشكل عام والعراقي بشكل خاص بطبيعة الحياة والعمل والدراسة في كندا بحكم خبرتي في هذا المجال لأني في الأصل مواطن عراقي هاجر الى كندا وأستقر في أونتاريو خلاصة خبرتي هذه أضعها بين أيديكم لكل طامح في الهجرة نحو حياة الحرية وتحقيق الطموح ...الموقع يقدم خدمة الأستشارة والنصح لكل من يرغب بالقدوم الى كندا وبالذات مقاطعة اونتاريو - تورنتو للتواصل عبر الخاص عبر العناوين التالية

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